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More on MySpace


Two interesting things about MySpace this week:

  • "MySpace now has 2 1/2 times the traffic of Google Inc., and it quickly eclipsed Friendster as the top social-networking site where users build larger and larger circles of friends." (BusinessWeek online)
  • Students in a New Jersey middle school taped a fight and posted it on MySpace. (Student Fights Videotaped, Put On Internet)

The MySpace @ Generation

I just finished reading BusinessWeek Online's The MySpace Generation and realized I've not been paying attention to the large influence of social networks on Internet development. One need only read this one statement to realize their impact:

With 20 million of its members logging on in October, MySpace now draws so much traffic that it accounted for 10% of all advertisements viewed online in the month.

Imagine my surprise to find that thanks to MySpace and the @ Generation and their exposure to Internet advertising, anyone can embed a video in their webspace.

So while the RIAA goes after thousands of file traders on P2P networks, anyone can go over to VideoCodeZone and listen to over 20,000 music videos live on the web and even stream their favorites on their own site. Something doesn't quite make sense. Ironic, isn't it, that they are giving away music with the videos online. Who needs iTunes to listen to music on their computer?